A New Year Beckons

Maple Canyon, 2015

I believe that there is meaning in life, and I am meant to be restless until I discover what it is. I’ve had the privilege of a running start, having had a baton of Christian faith passed in this generational relay of life. I consider it a gift that when I have stumbled and dropped that baton, there have been guides to help me recover and resume. I’m increasingly aware of the importance of teachers and supporters. That I am not alone is part of discovery.

In my Christian journey, I just spent the four weeks of Advent preparing my spirit and lifestyle for the coming of God-in-the-flesh. The next 12 days are to celebrate Christmas Day’s God-With-Us Truth that is both historical and, in a mystical way, immediate and personal. And now a New Year beckons. It is intended that I should be thoughtful.

And I am.

Reflective moments are disturbingly rare, but they come, and I thank God they do. The insights are paltry, but they reach me as I am ready.

On this annual threshold, I harbor an idea and its implication:

I didn’t create myself and clearly I’m not sufficient, powerful, wise, or good enough to be my own all in all. Because I exist, logic leads me to conclude that something more than random chance made life possible, including mine. The quest for meaning begins.

To my view, tuning my heart, mind, soul, and self to this Other is essential. This thread of thought brings me to some basic tenets. Being human I am able, and designed to

Love God – that which is greater than myself,  

Love others – who God considers equally valuable, having created them, and

Love myself – if God, the Almighty Creator, formed me, small in any meaningful measure, then, humbly, I accept that my life is significant. If God, the divine Redeemer, came to restore my flawed, fearful, selfish nature, there must be a grander purpose than I can discern. I’m back to

 Loving God who gives me the inspiration and the capacity to love God, others, and myself.

Seeking and loving are powerful reasons for being. Seeking and loving invites constant growth: Giving to others, sharing the good that I have been given (and privileged to earn), and appreciating what I have, what is around me, what is beautiful, and what stirs me to praise.

There’s a good way to usher in a New Year.

Lord, in your mercy, help me. Help us all, I pray.