Take delight in the Lord, 
and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4, NRSV

Who am I?
I'm a child of God.
I love God, God's children, and God's creation.

I pray, think, and write.
I create and plan, make music with the guitar, piano, and voice, play most anything - with a ball, frisbee, cards, or wits, and I travel, a lot.
I'm happily married
and revel in my two adult sons.
I'm strongly connected to my mother and siblings,
and I miss my father who died November 20, 2014. 

I don't shop unless I must,
I don't always remember people's birthdays. 

 What's my story? 
My story is that I have had the privilege of encountering God - and knowing I have.

God uses my choices, good and bad ones, to reach my heart, mind, body, and soul.
I dearly desire to know and love God and for God to be apparent through me.

How do I know it is God?
I sense God's presence in my spirit and God’s Word affirms that sensibility through
my mind.
Have I questioned or doubted? Plenty.
My questions drive me to God's Word, God’s Family – the church, 
and prayer.
I have been blessed with profound relationships in Christ, with my parents, husband, s
piritual advisers, friends, and students. These connections keep me grounded.

I pray everyone experiences the joy and peace that I have found in Jesus' love.
I would love to hear how God meets you.