Sealed and Delivered is much more than a mere novel; it’s a captivating delivery vehicle for ancient wisdom applied to contemporary life. In so many ways, only Rosalind Ziccardi could have written this book. Her three-plus decades as a military spouse equip her to divulge the ravages of war from the front row. Her training as a theologian and hands-on experience as a minister converge to tell the story as only one who has “heard it all” could do. And her skill as a maestro of metaphor makes it all but impossible to put down. Readers will have no choice but to be gripped by its central theme: “Life is the chisel God uses to release our true self.” Read this book, and let the chisel do its work.

Chaplain, Major General Dondi E. Costin
U. S. Air Force

. . . a profound—and ultimately breathtaking—series of letters by a woman as she find her way from lostness to becoming found. A relentless, and serially insightful description of life as the wandering of frail creatures bent on self-destruction, but bound for glory. Here are philosophy, theology, love, logic, tears and resurrection. The conclusion will leave you trembling.

Rev. Dr. David A. Baer
Overseas Council, President and CEO

In the face of choices, tragedies, anguish, and distractions, so common in our search for love and acceptance, Rosalind Ziccardi weaves a story of unconditional love through the medium of letters that unites our everyday life to our relationships with others towards the Divine. A triumph of the human will and living within the tensions of this earthly life.

Bishop F. Richard Spencer, DD
The Archdiocese for Military Services, USA

Sealed and Delivered is a powerful story of Annah’s learning what real love is. When Rey, Annah’s husband, returns from war his physical appearance is altered but his soul is very alive. Annah makes a decision to leave the man she loves. She shares her inmost thoughts, struggles, desires, and brokenness in poignant love letters. Rey’s unselfish love and wisdom helps her deepen in her understanding of God and human relationships. Rey becomes an “agent” of God’s peace to her.

                                                                                                                                     Sr. Lucy Wynkoop, Order of Saint Benedict
St. Placid Priory, Spirituality Center

This is a riveting story which leads the reader in the mystery of unconditional love in the face of betrayal, sin, transformation, and ultimately, redemption. I was reminded of two sayings of Julian of Norwich: “The good God does not want us to despair of our sins since he can use our sinfulness for our good, and finally, “All will be well. All manner of things will be well.”

Sr. Josephine Aparo, MPF
Morning Star House of Prayer
Religious Teachers Filippini

I highly recommend Sealed and Delivered as a way to plumb the depths of relationships and isolation, faith and doubt, suffering and healing, forgiveness and love – both human and divine.  Few books I have read explore these themes with such depth and honesty. The story pulls you into the heart of existence and the ending is not to be missed.

Rev. Dr. Fitz Neal
Lead Pastor, Columbia Presbyterian Church