Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! (2 Cor 9:15, NRSV)

Many thanks to those who have encouraged me through this strange public portal. First and foremost to my wonderful husband whose support has never flagged. My love, you are precious to me; every day I give God heartfelt thanks for you.

(Enough mushy.) Bless you and thank you Mary Gwen Brummitt, Beth Brummitt (of "The best can be the enemy of the good" wisdom), Rev. Dr. David Baer, Laura Petersen, Jorie DeVilbiss, Kathy Walker, Mary Pat Marshall, Elaine Johnson, Nick and Wendy Giancola, Athena Dean Holtz at Redemption Press, Dr. Jinkins (for permission to use your article), and a host of others who cheered me past my natural reticence. A work in progress, but finally, a work underway.