When the Worst Happens

Can a young woman running from tragedy and her marriage find peace?

Annah considers her young marriage ideal until, days before his deployment ends, an IED leaves her Marine husband, Rey, severely injured and disfigured. Terrified to lose the life she bargained for, Annah abandons Rey . . . and her faith. As Annah struggles to reclaim meaning in her life through travel, work, and rebound relationships, she sinks deeper into guilt and shame.

In a selfless expression of his love, Rey encourages Annah to continue their correspondence. These poignant letters reflect her search for the meaning of life, a growing understanding of the sacrifices of love, and the humility of realizing her need to accept forgiveness.

Will Annah find the love that was always reaching out to her? Will she rediscover the truth of the faith she abandoned?

 A riveting story that leads the reader in the mystery of unconditional love in the face of betrayal, sin, transformation, and ultimately redemption.
Sr. Josephine Aparo, MPF, Morning Star House of Prayer, Religious Teachers Filippini

. . . a profound—and ultimately breathtaking—series of letters by a woman as she finds her way from lostness to becoming found. A relentless, and serially insightful description of life as the wandering of frail creatures bent on self-destruction, but bound for glory. Here is philosophy, theology, love, logic, tears, and resurrection. The conclusion will leave you trembling.
Rev. Dr. David A. Baer, Overseas Council, President and CEO                                                            

        A captivating delivery vehicle for ancient wisdom applied to contemporary life. Rosalind Ziccardi’s three-plus decades as a military spouse, her training as a theologian, hands-on experience as a minister, and skill as a maestro of metaphor makes it all but impossible to put down. Readers will have no choice but to be gripped by its central theme: “Life is the chisel God uses to release our true self.”
Chaplain, Major General Dondi E. Costin, U. S. Air Force                                          

Rosalind Ziccardi has a B.A. in literature and a master of divinity, and was ordained in 1988. She and her husband, Gary, have two grown sons, Andrew and Benjamin. Gary’s career as a U. S. Air Force Chaplain has taken them to duty stations in the continental U. S. as well as Italy, Germany, England, and Japan. Rosalind’s pastoral call has had unique opportunities in each location. Sealed and Delivered, conceived at their first duty station, comes to life at their last.